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5 Universal Applications for IIoT Technology

Industrial Internet of Things combines machine-to-machine communication with industrial big data analysis to drive unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity and performance.
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Industrial Internet of Things combines machine-to-machine communication with industrial big data analysis to drive unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity and performance. This innovative trend is sweeping industries like manufacturing and automotive by producing transformative operational and financial benefits. 

There are more than the obvious applications for the technology, however, below are five universal applications for IIoT. 

  1. Viewing the Performance of Assets 

IIoT displays impressive results when used for performance visibility of energy-reliant assets. Understanding how much energy these assets are consuming is vital to reducing waste. Figures showed this was as much as a 0.7% reduction of consumption in 2019. A few asset examples include; 

  • Fridges 
  • Ovens 
  • HVAC System 
  • Lighting 
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These can all be fitted with IIoT devices that track consumption and benchmark energy usage, which can be used to spot outlying anomalies. This benchmark can also be used for predictive maintenance, which can reduce unplanned downtime, as well as minimising inefficiencies. 

  1. Tracking and monitoring stock 

Accurate inventory management is an ongoing issue for the logistics and retail industries. Human error accounts for a huge margin of loss in this practice, up to 86% in some cases. Discrepancies in this data set have huge knock-on effects when businesses try to measure sales and losses, and when ordering stock to ensure full shelves for consumers. A rapidly growing problem, as many as 63% of businesses mistake stock counts. IIoT holds the key to ensuring this practice is as accurate as possible. The technology can identify stock entering or leaving the warehouse and can update the lists digitally. This keeps the supply chain working effectively with minimal waste, allowing businesses to operate a leaner model such as “Just in Time”. 

  1. Communications and alerting 

Communication within organisations is vital, not only to and from team members but from assets that need attention. Assets on the verge of breakdown are no longer being efficient and are wasting excess heat and energy. To continue working at their optimum effectiveness, IIoT alerts the relevant team member, by using communication apps such as slack, which can conduct maintenance.  

Examples of vital information that can be communicated by the platform include; 

  1. Unifying energy operations across many locations 

Managing multiple sites requires managers to split their time and focus across different environments. Comparing and improving individual energy performance statistics across hundreds, or thousands of sites is almost impossible single handily. Luckily for diligent energy managers, IIoT can help. The innovative solution stores the data and logs it in a cloud location to compare the data in real-time. Facilities management is revolutionised when aiming to improve efficiency across a portfolio of buildings with IoT. Abilities also include being able to use the platform to automate activities on different sites. 

  1. Creating automated reactions to specific events 

Being reactive is everything in business, but not just being able to keep up with the latest trend; I’m talking about reacting to external factors that could impact a business’s internal procedures. IIoT can create automated reactions to specific external, and internal events. These include, but are not limited to; 

  • Turning down internal lights in accordance with ambient lighting levels 
  • Turning off appliances when they are not required 
  • Turning off fridges when not in use 
  • Powering down manufacturing assets to match production cycles 

Each of these contribute to a reduction of energy consumption, and an extension of service life. 

Get in touch with our team to discuss how the Hark Platform can help revolutionise your asset visualisation and energy management by utilising IIoT. 

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