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Battery Week News, The Spotify Icon Refresh & A Big Step for Renewable

The Hark Friday Five is a weekly collection of the Hark team's top picks. Articles, books or tweets, this is the definitive roundup for the world of Hark.
Hark Friday Five

We’re kicking off a new Hark blog feature this week with a selection of chin-strokingly interesting articles relating to energy storage, user interfaces (UI), renewable energy and more. Let’s have a look at what’s been on the radar this week.

Scientists accidentally stumble on ‘holy grail’ of batteries for electric vehicles

Did you know that today is #NationalBatteryDay? Well if you didn’t, now you do, and with that, here’s an article on some breakthrough battery news that could triple the range of ‘electric vehicles and improve the longevity of smartphones‘ – talk about more bang for your buck.

World’s biggest lithium battery storage facility now completely offline after weekend incident

Closeup of battery modules at Moss Landing Energy Storage Facility. Image: Vistra Energy.

While we’re on the topic of batteries, a rogue sprinkler system has wrought havoc in the worlds biggest lithium battery storage facility. The sprinkler “became active in response to smoke coming from an air handling unit in which a bearing had failed.” In situations like this, we stress the importance of IoT and digital twin technology to help proactively identify issues before they cause big problems (with big costs!)

Spotify – “Refreshing our Icon System: the why and how behind the changes”

Icon systems - gif 2
from Spotify

Spotify has been making headlines recently, and not just for being a catalyst of the recent “music industry vs Joe Rogan” debate, but also for their ever-improving user interface design. The streaming platform has developed a new icon system with thicker and juicier looking buttons to press. This extra boldness brings a much softer and user-friendly feel to the platform, as the above gif demonstrates, and is a welcomed update.

New way to turn CO2 back into petrol as ‘carbon-neutral fuel’

Could CO2 be turned back into petrol? (Getty)
Could CO2 be turned back into petrol? (Getty)

Next up, is a new renewable just around the corner? US scientists seem to think so, claiming to ‘have worked out a way to turn carbon dioxide (CO2) captured from the air or from power plants into fuel that is ‘basically petrol.” The hope is that this will lead to the development of a fuel that can be used, captures and used again – bringing to life the definition of renewable.

Problem Solving with Empathy, There’s a lot to Learn From ‘Surrounded by Idiots’

39101777. sx318

I’ll admit, a colleague recommended this one and when I saw the title, I wondered if I was being had. As it turns out, the ironically titled “Surrounded by Idiots” is actually a Swedish bestseller that teaches the power of understanding those around you – from your coworkers to your spouse <3

That wraps up this week – if you have any thoughts you’d like to see more of this content, fill in the box below to subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a Hark Friday Five!

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