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Carbon-sucking trains, net-zero aviation & solar powered football

Read this week's latest Hark Friday Five our best energy, sustainability, technology and IIoT stories and trends.
Hark Friday Five

Next stop net zero on the trains that suck carbon out of the air

Engineers have designed air-cleaning wagons that can be slotted into existing trains. They take advantage of the slipstream of moving air generated as a train travels down a track. Carriages capable of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere are being developed at the University of Sheffield. Powered by energy generated when trains brake and decelerate, they could be the first carbon-neutral mode of large-scale transportation. The team hopes to start production within the next three years.

Bruntwood SciTech advances 264,000 sq ft office

Exciting news for our good friends at Bruntwood SciTech who are developing a whopping 264,000 sq foot office in Manchester! To make things even more exciting, Bruntwood is hoping to develop a building that is net zero carbon in operation. #ThingsWeLoveToSee

You can read more about our relationship with Bruntwood here.

UK commits to net zero domestic aviation by 2040

The strategy was launched at Farnborough International Airshow. At least 10% of jet fuel must be sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2030. The government is committing to have at least five commercial-scale SAF plants under construction in the UK. It also targets net zero emissions for domestic aviation and all airports in England by 2040.

Green upgrades could cut UK energy bills by £1,800 a year, finds study

The study finds green technologies could reduce energy bills by up to £1,878 a year, and also cut home carbon emissions by more than 95% over the lifetime of their installation. A report claims that homeowners can boost the value of their property by an average of £10,000.

A detached home in southern England with an old boiler and poor insulation faces annual energy bills of £2,816. The same home with a heat pump, electric vehicle charger, solar panels and a smart battery could pay £383.

Shifting to low-carbon technologies could reduce a home’s lifetime carbon emissions from energy by up to 91 tonnes – more than 95% – which is akin to taking 42 cars off the road.

World’s third-largest PV system on a stadium roof reaches completion

German football club SC Freiburg has completed construction on a 2.4 MW rooftop solar array. It is the world’s third-largest photovoltaic system on a football stadium. Around 6,000 heterojunction solar modules were installed on a 15,000 m2 roof area. Truly incredible stuff!

That wraps up our Friday 5 for this week but as always if you’ve seen something we’ve missed then please get in touch on here or on our social channels.

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