Maximising Global Agricultural Yield, Increasing UK Grid Efficiency & Countering The UK Energy Crisis

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Hark Friday Five

Sustainability is front and centre once again as we dive into a week of exciting new renewable farms, agricultural climate crisis relief and calming artwork with big environmental intentions. Read on to discover why IoT is a hot topic for those looking to build new career paths and how National Grid ESO is taking steps to further optimise and improve the grid...

Relocating farmland could turn back clock twenty years on carbon emissions, say scientists

Map shows optimal global distribution of croplands, which would cut the carbon impact of growing food by 71%. Credit: University of Cambridge

Maximising yield in agriculture could be an environmental silver bullet, with the potential to change the fate of Earth’s climate crisis. The question however remains, how can such a feat be executed? In a recent article, we wrote about how (according to Project Drawdown) closing the gender inequity gap in agriculture could increase farming yields by 20% – 30%.

In a similar piece we came across this week, investigate the potential for major farming yield gains by planting crops in the right locations. The map image above shows a new design of Earth’s farming locations. They claim the “redesign—assuming high-input, mechanized farming—would cut the carbon impact of global croplands by 71%, by allowing land to revert to its natural, forested state.”

COLORS OF CLIMATE – Nicole Kelner’s watercolors bring calm to images of climate change

Nicole Kelner’s climate change focussed water colour art.

It’s easy to find yourself feeling anxious about the state of climate change, especially in a world of doom-filled headlines featuring phrases like “code-red” or “last chance.” That’s why Nicole Kelner’s devotion to making easy-on-the-eyes, and informative climate change art is so inspiring. This article from The Verge comments on one of Kelner’s pieces:

One of Kelner’s most popular climate pieces is a set of vertical lines transitioning from a cloudy blue to a vibrant red, which Kelner modeled after data representing the rise in Earth’s temperature between 1850 and 2021. When you figure out that essential piece of context, the artwork transforms from a soothing, abstract painting to something much more meaningful — and devastating.

Emma roth – the verge

Three ‘trail-blazing’ green inertia turbines set to go live by summer, says ESO


A £336 million investment program to both measure and generate inertia in the UK is gaining three inertia turbines, set to go live this summer according to National Grid ESO. The ability to monitor and alert on power deviations will greatly improve ESO’s ability to manage and effectively optimise the grid.

Octopus Renewables to add 690MW of capacity with flurry of European wind power deals

credit: octopus renewables

More turbine news this week as Octopus Renewables (fund management arm of Octopus Energy) announce the addition of 690MW worth of wind farms coming to the UK; as well as Sweden, France, and Finland. Welcomed news in a suffering energy economy, where many of us are already feeling the sting of increasing energy costs.

Five Tips For Starting Or Transitioning To A Career In IoT

man sits at laptop getty image

IoT is a “particularly hot sector when it comes to building a new career path,” says a recent Forbes article. As an employee in an IoT business, I can vouch for the industry as a fast-moving and exciting space to work in, with the future of IoT being recognised as a cultural gateway to the next ‘industrial revolution’ (referred to as “Industry 4.0”). If you’re interested in getting involved in an IoT role, take a look at our vacancies.

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