Music industry goes green, AMD leading the way on CSR & ways to reduce energy at home

The Hark Friday 5 is our top 5 ESG, technology and sustainability stories of the week, curated by the Hark team.
Hark Friday Five

1. British company uses bioplastic in a bid to turn the booming vinyl industry green

Here at Hark, we’re big audiophiles. There are multiple musicians amongst us, as well as lovers of music across the board – hence why Hark’s “Tunes” channel on Teams is always packed with great recommendations; from hip-hop and techno, to pop-punk and metal.

That’s why we’re naturally hyped to see music and sustainability joining forces in this week’s headlines, starting with this great use of bioplastics to create sustainable vinyl. Take my money!

2. ‘Sustainable’ electronic music festival to raise funds for charity

Keeping on the same beat, we loved hearing about The Full Circle Festival, which is a fully carbon-neutral music festival taking place this weekend in Jersey. Not only will any carbon emissions at the festival be offset, but they’re even donating profits to Jersey Recovery College, LGBTQ+ charity Stonewall and humanitarian organisation Choose Love.

Even the stage designs are made with recycling materials. This one really has all bases covered and we’re here for it.

Will this soon become the norm? How else can the music industry help contribute to a greener economy? Follow us on Linkedin to join the conversation.

3. AMD Made Progress In 2021 In Corporate Social Responsibility

Global businesses need more leaders to show the world how corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals and objectives should be done. Now, with climate change forcing a change in mindset, CSR is becoming a seriously important part of enterprise business models, but how can it be executed with finesse – and show true commitment to making positive changes?

AMD released their 2021 – 22 CSR report, which really sings about the ways they are making a positive impact socially and environmentally.

The technology industry benefits hugely from enterprises like AMD leading the way and making huge progress, in a world where CSR simply cannot be overlooked any longer.

Read more about it over at Forbes.

4. The energy-saving upgrades that are actually worth it

I think it’s fair to say many of us are feeling the sting of soaring energy prices. While what we do here at Hark greatly reduces energy costs for enterprises and commercial buildings/factories – people still need to reduce their home energy bills too; this article from The Telegraph provides some nifty ways you can ‘spend money to save money.’

Solar panels, loft insulation, home energy monitoring and replacing inefficient appliances could end up saving you a heap of cash. Check out the article for even more ways you can stave off the oncoming energy price surge.

5. Tony Brobston’s 3D-Printed ESP8266 Smart Vents Put Every Vent in Your Home Under MQTT Control

Using MQTT to create a DIY ventilation system at home? We love this one! Reminiscent of the time our CTO, Andrew Hathaway built his own “on-air” display to avoid meeting interruptions while home working. Gone are the days of “Sorry that was just my housemate coming in to throw a banana at me.

Ahem… Anyway, this is arguable even cooler (depending on your ventilation settings) and makes clever use of MQTT control, 3D printing and an Espressif microcontroller.

That’s all for today’s Hark Friday Five, as always if you’ve seen a story we’ve missed or got a change then we’re here for it.

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