Energy Monitoring,

Welcome to the future of Energy Management; your powerdraw information – in real-time.

Operational efficiency is pertinent in every industry, the Hark Platform can be instrumental in driving down costs.

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Powerful Intelligence.

You can view exactly how much energy your entire business is using, any time, from anywhere in the world, right down to a singular device.

With an in-depth operational overview to this scale, your power- usage measurement has never been so transparent.

Peak Demand Analysis

Peak Load Analysis

Real-time Energy Cost Information

Power Factor Analysis

Real-time Alerts

Harmonic Distortion Analysis

Anomaly Detection

Predictive Maintenance

The Power of Predictive

Our cloud-based platform brings your company to the forefront of operational technology.

By utilising machine learning, we can help you predict faults before they happen.

With the improvement this gives to your operational efficiency, your maintenance schedule becomes far more informed. This insight bleeds into every area of your business, from supply chain right through to personnel.

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Asset Level Management

The Hark Platform is versatile enough to monitor all energy information right down to an asset specific level, including energy usage, power factor, voltages, frequencies and more. This means you can start monitoring your assets instantly within separate and specific custom dashboards using KPIs for asset performance, utilisation, and availability.

Seamless Integration

The Hark solution fits with any existing technology set-up as it was designed with retrofitting in mind. We’re yet to meet a legacy sub-metre we can’t work with.

Don’t have any existing hardware? We also have you covered on that front, no matter what the stage of your set-up we’ll get you up to speed.

Discussing in Detail.

View our video series where our CEO Jordan Appleson discusses the practical uses of our platform with the Energy Manager of prominent Facilities Management company, Bruntwood, Bev Taylor.

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The Business Case.

Still not sure about making your energy management smart? Here are the business benefits to working with Hark:

  • Real-time visibility and understanding of your power usage
  • Ongoing analysis that immediately identifies inefficiencies and any wastage across your operation
  • Machine learning that initiates predictive maintenance
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduction in energy bills, your carbon footprint and overall business risk

What Does an Installation Look Like?






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