Angus at Hark
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Our newest addition to the team is Angus Doherty, who will be working as a Data Scientist.

Angus will be responsible for developing a report that investigates energy usage statistics. Alongside, researching algorithms to forecast energy consumption and costs, to identify trends and detect anomalies.

This role will allow him to harness his degree in Mathematics, whilst utilising the skills gained in his previous roles as an operational researcher and environmental data analyst. In his most recent role, he managed and analysed data sets, identifying opportunities to reduce energy usage, carbon emissions and waste production.

He enjoys the tech sector due to its broad variety of work and the network of knowledgeable people that he can connect with.

He is looking forward to becoming part of the team at Hark as “it’s a great opportunity to work with cutting edge tools and methods and to learn lots of things from my new colleagues. I’m interested in sustainability and the environment, so it’s great to be in a role where my work can have a positive impact.”

Angus is also a lover of the outdoors and enjoys growing and eating fruit and veg from his allotment, cycling, skiing and hiking. He also loves to travel and has recently ventured to the Faroe Islands and Georgia.

Angus exploring the great outdoors

We are all excited to see where his journey at Hark takes him!