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IoT - The Key to Smart Facilities Management

Facilities management (FM) companies are the backbone of property operations. The array of tasks under their umbrella welcome a hailstorm of problems that often have repetitive, expensive and time-consuming solutions. By utilising the Internet of Things (IoT), FM companies can simplify maintenance tasks, manage teams... Read More

Shane Ellams
Making Utilities Smarter

The growing population, paired with urbanisation, creates a constant strain on utility infrastructures. Modern society is built on basic utilities and providers are now looking for solutions to make their infrastructures smart, not only to meet the growing demand, but also to appease the hyper-connected... Read More

Shane Ellams
Keeping Your Cool: Energy Saving In Supermarkets

Lower emissions, greater energy efficiency and lower operating costs, that's the golden trifecta that supermarkets are constantly striving for. As the supermarket freezers are slowly but surely becoming more jam-packed with frozen turkeys for the festive season, refrigeration costs are on the minds of shrewd... Read More

Shane Ellams