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Viewing Reports

To help you manage a your organisation’s reports, you'll be able to view some context around the reports that have already been setup from users in your organisation, as well as export those reports.

The Management area allows you to view the following columns in the table:

  • Name - The custom Report Name that was input during the Report Template’s configuration
  • Template - The Report Template that was used to create this report
  • Created By - The Hark Platform user that created the report
  • Date Created - The date that the report was created
  • Type - If the report is ad hoc (a one-off) or scheduled (upcoming functionality).
  • Status - If the report was successfully created and is ready to be exported into the local browser's Download’s folder.
  • Export - The accessibility of the icon indicates if the report can be exported or not - if the icon is inactive, the report cannot be exported

Note: Reports can fail if the data that was selected is too poor, or too large.

You are also able to filter this table by User and Template, as well as search the table using keywords that may be in the Report Name, for example.

Gif showcasing how Reports can be searched by name and filtered by user and template