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What is a Dashboard?

In the Hark Platform, you can create your own Dashboards so that you, or your team, can see the data you need. A Dashboard is built up of Widgets, which show specific metrics, information and analysis of your data in the Hark Platform.

We have a range of Widgets for your Dashboards, and are adding more all the time to help you see the analysis you need, quicker.

Dashboards can be made so that they are private to only the creator, or shared with everyone in your Organization. You can also restrict who can edit them.

If you make a Dashboard, you can edit it to reconfigure it at any time, or delete it if you’d like to play around and get more familiar with Dashboarding.

In order to make the most of Dashboards, we’ve compiled a series of guides to help you get started with Dashboards in the Hark Platform.