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Introduction to Automations

Automations in the Hark Platform are a powerful way to express rules, business processes, alarm strategies and integrations using the telemetry sent to the Hark Platform.

Automations contain Triggers, Conditions and Actions. These concepts allow you to control what should cause your Automation to run, under what Conditions it can run, and what to do when the Automation has been triggered.

  • Triggers - Defined against an Automation to trigger your Automation when certain actions have occured, e.g: MQTT message, Alarm activated, and more.
  • Conditions - What conditions must pass for your Automation to be triggered? e.g: Time of Day, telemetry and property checks, and more.
  • Actions - Define what to do when your Automation is triggered and passes any Conditions, e.g: Send an SMS or Email, Set a Model Property, Send an MQTT message and more.
    • Each Action can contain an optional set of Conditions against them to only run them when the defined Conditions pass.

Where Can I Find Automations?

Automations exist in two places in the Hark Platform, against a Model, and Organization-wide.

Model Automations

When viewing a Model in the Hark Platform, click on the Automations tab to view the Automations against the Model you are viewing. You'll see each Automations name and description, and how many Triggers, Conditions and Actions the Automations has.

When hovering over an Automation in the list, you can use the Trash icon on the left to delete the hovered Automation. Clicking on the Automation will show you the details of an Automation.

Organization-wide Automations

You can define Organization-wide Automations that aren't specific to any asset, or Model within your Organization. You can find your Organization-wide Automations by navigating to Automations under Twin Engine in the Hark Platform.

With the list of Organization-wide Automations on the left, clicking one will present you with the details of what that Automation does, it's Triggers, Conditions and Actions.

To delete an Organization-wide Automation, click Delete in the action bar when viewing the Automation you would like to delete.