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Automation Triggers

A Trigger in an Automation is used as to kickstart the execution of an Automation. There are a range of Triggers that you can use within an Automation in order to help you define business process, alarm strategies and more.

Supported Automation Triggers

On Value ChangeTrigger when a value changes with configurable options such as From or ToComing Soon
On Numeric ValueTrigger when a numeric value changes with optional Above and Below configurationComing Soon
On MQTT MessageTrigger when an MQTT Message is received on topic that matches your configurationGuide
On a ScheduleTrigger on a frequent schedule defined using a cron expressionComing Soon
On AlarmTrigger when an Alarm matching a configuration is Activated, Updated or ClearedComing Soon
On EventTrigger when an Event is raised that matches your configurationComing Soon
On Webhook ReceivedTrigger when a Webhook is received that matches your configurationComing Soon
Calculate TemplateRun a Scriban Template on configured schedule and trigger your Automation if it returns trueComing Soon