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Introduction to Connectors

Connectors allow the Hark Platform to connect to various different services or protocols, for use in Ingresses, Automations and more. Connectors are used as ways to get data in to the Hark Platform, as well as get data out of the Hark Platform, i.e, sending an email, or ingesting telemtry data.

Supported Connectors

NameDescriptionCreation Guide
MQTTConnect to an MQTT Broker to Receive Telemetry, or Edgress MessagesCreate an MQTT Connector
SMTPConnect to an SMTP Server to send Emails in an AutomationCreate an SMTP Connector

Using Connectors in the Hark Platform

To get started with Connectors, navigate to the Twin Engine in the Hark Platform and click on Connectors. You'll be presented with a list of your Connectors on the left, where clicking a Connector will give you more information about the Connector.

To create a Connector, read our guide on Creating an MQTT Connector or Creating an SMTP Connector.