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Introduction to Ingresses

Ingresses in the Twin Engine allow the Hark Platform to ingest telemetry data telemetry from different sources and either set Model Properties, or raise Events against a Model.

Ingresses use Connectors to connect to different protocols and services to allow for the Twin Engine to ingest telemetry data. Click here to get an Introduction to Connectors.

When creating an Ingress, you can define multiple, or dynamic, mappings to be able to ingest telemetry for multiple Models without having to create an Ingress per Model. This is allowed via our powerful Mapper system which provides multiple ways for you to get Model ID's and other information out of the telemetry sent to the Hark Platform.

Supported Ingresses

NameDescriptionCreation Guide
MQTTConnect to an MQTT Broker to ingest Model Properties or Raise EventsCreate an MQTT Ingress

Using Ingresses in the Hark Platform

To get started with Ingresses, navigate to the Twin Engine in the Hark Platform and click on Ingresses. You'll be presented with a list of your Ingresses on the left, where clicking an Ingress will give you more information about the Ingress.

To create an Ingress, read our guide on Creating an MQTT Ingress.