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Create an Automation

To get started creating an Automation, navigate to a Model or the Organization-wide area of Automations in the Hark Platform and click Create Automation.

Automations allow you to define a range of Triggers, Conditions and Actions against them in order to describe what you'd like to do with your Automation.

To add a Trigger, Condition or Action to your Automation, click the Add button under each category. You'll be presented with a list of options for the types of Triggers, Conditions and Actions you can perform within an Automation.

Conditions Under an Action

Actions can also feature Conditions underneath them that will be required to pass for the parent Action to run.

This is helpful in situations where your Automation has many actions, but one or more of the Actions must only run when other conditions pass.

Select a type of Trigger, Condition and Action and configure your item by entering the details required for each item. You'll need to enter details that align with what you would like your Automation to do. Each Automation must have at least one Action.

When you have defined your Automation, click Save Automation on the action bar at the top. You'll be required to give the Automation a Name and Description to help people understand what your Automation is for.

When you have saved your Automation, it will run whenever your Automation's Triggers occur.