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Automation Actions

An Action can be used in Automation to perform actions either inside the Hark Platform, our externally. There are a range of Actions that you can use within an Automation in order to help you define business process, alarm strategies and more.

Note: You can optionally add Conditions under an Action to ensure an individual Action only runs when certain conditions are met.

Supported Automation Actions

Send an SMSSend an SMS to configured phone numbers with dynamic contentGuide
Send an EmailSend an Email to configured addresses with dynamic contentComing Soon
Send an MQTT MessageSend a message on an MQTT Broker with a dynamic topic and dynamic contentComing Soon
Make a HTTP RequestMake a HTTP request to an external service with a full range of HTTP optionsComing Soon
Raise an EventRaise an Event against a Model in the Twin EngineComing Soon
Activate, Update or Clear an AlarmActivate, Update or Clear an Alarm matching your configurationComing Soon
Set Model Property ValueSet a Model Properties value to a value computed or ingestedComing Soon