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October 2023

In October, we've released some great new updates in Energy Tools, and continue to work on the Hark Explorer, with more coming soon!

Energy Tools

We've released some exciting user interface features that will allow users to see additional context on their estate and portfolio in Energy Tools Hierarchies that will help you understand what customer is associated to a Site, and if any readings on a Meter are rejected.

Customers Associated to Sites

Customers have various purposes in the Energy Tools module of the Hark Platform, one of which is having a Customer associated to an Area, which can be inferred as that Area's 'tenant' during the specified timeframe. To help provide more clarity for users, as well as unlock some other functionality, users can now associate a Customer to a Site to indicate a Site's 'landlord'.

To do this, navigate to the Site's Overview page and click on "Add Customer". From here, a you'll be able to select a pre-existing Customer and add in some date ranges before submitting the update.

Associating a Customer to a Site

At the moment, adding a Customer to a Site doesn't affect the Site or Customer's 'Consumption' or 'Insight' tabs, as these are driven by meters associated to Areas.

There can only be one Customer associated to a Site at one time, if you try to add an additional Customer in the same timeframe the update won't work, and you'll need to amend the already associated Customer's dates before proceeding to add a new Customer.

If you want to edit the Customer, Start Date, or End Date you can navigate to that Site's Overview page and scroll to the bottom, where you'll see the Customer and their date details, as well as an indicator if they are previously or currently associated to that Site. Once you click “Edit Customer”, you'll be presented with the same pop-up but with the Customer and dates already populated. You can amend the details here.

Editing a Site's Customer

Viewing Rejected Meter Readings

Users are already able to add and reject meter readings manually through on the Hark Platform. To help with tracking changes, users can now view what readings were rejected in the Readings table of the Readings tab of a meter. By default, both the 'Approved' and 'Rejected' states are displayed, but the filters allow the option to see either or.

Rejected Readings with Filters