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December 2022

As the year comes to a close, we're continuing to work on the Hark Platform and prepare for some exciting new features to come in 2023. We've made some great performance improvements and added support for adding more information to your Locations.


Location Attributes

With our latest release, you can now add further details and data to Locations by using our new Attributes feature. These attributes can be anything, for example, a customer name, address and/or post code, contact details, location codes, anything!

In the future, we'll be using these Attributes more to power other Platform features and functionality. More on that soon!

To manage your Locations Attributes, click on to a Location in Analytics and view the Attributes tab. You'll be able to view, add, edit and delete Attributes against the Location for you, and your colleagues, to use later on.

Twin Engine

Model Properties Table Performance

We've released a huge update to the Model Properties table in the Twin Engine to improve performance of viewing your Models Properties. If your Model has 1000, 2000 or any number of properties, you'll get the same fast experience either way.

You can search and filter thousands of Model Properties in just a few clicks, all in real-time!