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March 2022

Today we're releasing an incredible set of features in the Twin Engine to allow you to model business processes, manage alarm strategies and more all within the Hark Platform. We call them Automations, learn more below.

We've also released further data management tools for Energy Tools, and are continuing to work on our device connectivity.

Energy Tools

Continuing with the progress made last month in exporting data from an Energy Tools Dataset, we're adding more exports today!

Export Dataset & Dataset Meter Consumption

Being able to export your consumption from our platform is extremely helpful for building custom reports and using consumption data in other tools such as Excel.

Today we're releasing brand new functionality that allows you to export a Datasets Consumption, or an individual Meters consumption!

When viewing a Dataset, or a Meter within a Dataset, click the export button to quickly export your consumption data.

Export Button on Graph

The downloaded CSV will export all of the datasets, or meters, raw half-hourly consumption data in 48 hourly intervals across all of the data we have in the Dataset, or Meter.

An Example Consumption Export

Twin Engine

In March we have taken a huge stride in the functionality of the Twin Engine by releasing Automations.

Automations are an incredibly powerful feature that allow you to model your business processes, alarm strategies and control devices, all within the Hark Platform.

You can now manage Automations in the Hark Platform against a Model, or Organization-wide. To learn more about Automations, please read our Introduction to Automations guide.