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February 2022

In February we're continuing to improve our functionality that aims to allow users to model their assets in the Hark Platform, all in the Twin Engine. We've also brought some exciting new features to Energy Tools!

Energy Tools

Whilst we're working on the future of Energy Tools, we've added some great functionality to help users get their data out of the Hark Platform.

Filtered Dataset Exports

Filtering a Dataset in Energy Tools is a powerful feature to help you filter your consumption down to the meters that you care about, in order to get your job done. When filtering a Dataset, you get great analysis such as the Consumption Profile, Average Day and Time of Day profiles, and more.

In order to help you get the data out for reports or further analysis, we've added a handy new Export button for when you do filter your Dataset.

Export a Filtered Dataset

When clicked, you'll download a CSV which contains all the information from the filtered Dataset view!

Twin Engine

Today we're releasing more features from the Twin Engine to allow users to model their assets in the Hark Platform.


Events are a powerful new feature of the Twin Engine that allows you track when things occur against your assets. Tracking an Event against a Model allow you to get a history of what is going on with your Asset, as well as track certain telemetry for analysis later.

For more information on Events, please read our Introduction to Events guide.

Template Widget

Today we're releasing a brand new Widget in to the Hark Platform's Dashboarding system, the Template Widget.

In order to be able to understand what your asset is doing, when modelled using the Twin Engine, you often need visuals to help. With the Template Widget, you can select a Model (or many) and provide a Handlebars template to produce custom user interfaces that make sense for your asset.

You'll be able to access your models data, write conditionals and produce visualizations that make sense for you, and your team.