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September 2023

We're incredibly excited to announce the first release of Hark Explorer. Using Project Haystack as its foundation, Hark Explorer has been designed to evolve with an ever-expanding data landscape, whilst keeping simplicity front and centre.  

Hark Explorer enhances the functionality our customers love - the ability to onboard any of their real-world assets with super fast IoT deployments, by building on top of an industry standard ontology, Project Haystack.

By using an ontology as the basis for your IoT deployments, you'll have access to powerful templating features, portability and improved user interfaces in the Hark Platform. We look forward to sharing more on these in the coming months.

In future releases, our redesigned onboarding flows will enable the seamless deployment of your assets in the Hark Platform, enabling users for the first time to create global rules and alarms which encapsulate their entire digital and real-world estates.

Find out more about Hark Explorer below, we're only just getting started! Why not come with us and chat about the future of industrial IoT deployments? Get in touch today!


In our first release, we're bringing the same great functionality that you're used in to Hark Analytics, to the Hark Explorer. You can onboard your Sites, Spaces, Gateways and Equipment in intuitive easy to use ways that help you get to the value of an IoT deployment, in minutes.

Your Sites, Spaces, Equipment, Gateways and Points can have custom tags and metadata to help you add helpful information to the assets you onboard.

Viewing Metadata and Tags on Equipment

Create a new Gateway, and deploy a Hark Adapter to onboard your Equipment using our powerful device discovery workflows.

Once you've onboarded your assets, view your Equipment in the Hierarchy. Each of the Points on an Equipment will detail the information you're monitoring from, what the latest reading is and more.

Viewing Time-Series Data for a Point

Configure Points to be time-series enabled and see your Points data over time.

We'll have lots more to show in the coming months with improved onboarding flows, asset detail views such as Energy Meters, Energy Storage Systems, PV Inverters and more.

Energy Tools

To help improve the performance the user experience of Energy Tools Hierarchies, we have split the Consumption and Profiles tab into two tabs: Consumption and Insights.

The information in each tab is dependant on the type of item you're looking at, whether it be a Site, Area, Customer, or Meter; for example, the Platform Estimated Consumption is only applicable to a Meter.


The new Consumption tab now solely concentrates on the consumption of a Site, Area, Customer or Meter and includes the following information:

  • Consumption Summary Graph - Shows the consumption in kWh (this is dictated by the selected date range)
  • Daily Half-Hourly Consumption - Displays half hourly data, split by the monthly drop-down to dig into the consumption for the individual time periods.
  • Monthly Consumption Summary - Shows consumption data broken down into the total and average consumption by month.
  • Platform Estimated Consumption (Meters Only) - Shows scheduled monthly estimations that the Hark Platform runs independently from readings that are pulled in from other sources (including manually uploaded files).
A Meter's Consumption Tab


The new Insights tab now provides insights on the different profiled information of a Site, Area, Customer or Meter and includes the following information:

  • Average Daily Profile - Shows the average consumption per day for the meter to help with comparisons, as well as an average across the selected time period.
  • Time of Day Profile - Displays the total consumption for the meter split over the different parts of the day in 6-hour chunks to help you get an insight as to when their consumption is at its peak.
  • Top 10 Consuming Dates (Meters Only) - Shows the dates that this meter has used the most energy in the Datasets date period, including the date itself and the total consumption.
A Meter's Insights Tab