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July 2019

In July we’re releasing our new in-Platform feature to get help directly with access to Guides, Release Notes and FAQs about the Hark Platform. We’ve also fixed some bugs.

In-Platform Guides, Release Notes & FAQs

Inside the Hark Platform there is now a question mark in the top-bar which when clicked, opens up our new in-platform interface for getting help when using the Hark Platform. This new interface provides users with access to documentation through Guides, Release Notes and FAQs.

Opening and Closing in-Platform Help

Stay up to date with the releases of the Hark Platform by navigating to the Releases section. Inside, you’ll see a list of releases that provide a brief description as to what we did during that release. Clicking into a release will show you further details and specifics about what’s changed, what’s been added and what has been fixed!

Viewing Release Notes

If you’re using the Hark Platform and want to get some help on how to do something, open our new interface and go to Guides or FAQs. Filter down to what you want help with and find a Guide or FAQ that will give you an answer. You’ll be able to continue using the Hark Platform when the help interface is open, so you can follow a guide and not lose your place!

Viewing Guides

Updates to Password Reset Emails

Password reset emails sent from the Hark Platform have been updated to use a more legible font and now feature updated wording to improve clarity.


Gateway Filtering

When viewing a list of Gateways in a Location, you are now able to filter down the list by typing a search query at the top of the list. This will allow you to find the Gateway you’re looking for sooner!


Bugs Fixed

  • Previously when resetting a Users Password, the popup confirmation box did not disappear after submitting your answer. This has now been fixed.
  • Changes in permissions for a user are now audited.
  • Exports of Activity Logs for a user are now audited.