Connect BESS and Other Distributed Energy Assets.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Connectivity

Monitor state of charge, active power and import/export data in the context of your distributed energy assets. The Hark Platform provides a single pane of glass to analyse and control Energy Storage Systems, PV Inverters, Energy Meters and Industrial Assets (regardless of vendor).

What is Energy Storage Battery Connectivity?

While Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) do tend to have some available software, often this only provides data for the battery and does not integrate with the other assets in your estate. The Hark Platform provides connectivity, analysis and control for all of your energy and industrial assets.

Having your energy storage battery connected to the cloud is the first step towards creating a layered energy strategy that maximises the efficiency of how you generate and consume energy. The ability to monitor, visualise and forecast energy data from Solar PV and industrial assets, gives critical insight into when to charge and discharge your battery for maximum effectiveness.

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Everything you need to know about our G100 Export Limitation Device, in a handy 3-page pdf.  

Datasheet - G100 Export limitation

Connecting to Energy Storage Batteries & Other Distributed Energy Assets

The Hark Platform acts as an orchestration layer that sits over your estate. This means that all energy assets, regardless of type or vendor, can be connected. Using the Hark Edge Controller product, we can then set up an array of battery management strategies such as:

A modern solarfield with battery storage in the wild nature, 3D illustration

Data Analysis & Control of Battery Energy Storage Systems

The are many benefits to connecting your BESS to the cloud, from data analysis and reporting, to alerting and control. Overall, a cloud connected battery gives you all of the battery data you need, as well as other contextual asset data to create a full picture of your energy efficiency. 

Allowing Energy Storage Batteries, Solar/Generation Assets and other Distributed Energy Resources to work together unlocks significant cost, revenue and carbon reduction opportunities for end-customers. 

Using Hark’s EMS (Edge Controller) you’re empowered to create a layered energy strategy that best suits your objectives and is fully integrated with all of your energy assets, regardless of type or model. 

Hark products excel in minimising grid import and providing backup to the site to circumvent blackouts etc.

Why Choose Hark for Energy Storage Battery Connectivity?

Case Study

Islanded Microgrid Energy Optimisation Project

Using the Hark Edge Controller, we helped a rural customer connect to and control microgrid assets such as Energy Meters, Solar PV and Energy Storage Batteries, in order to meet import/export limitations, maximise on self-consumption and optimise microgrid energy efficiency.

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