Islanded Microgrid Energy Optimisation Project

Islanded Microgrid

Export Limitation Control

Peak Shaving


Microgrids that operate in “islanded mode” have fundamental requirements necessary for optimised, safe, and efficient import, export, and storage of energy.

A system like this is usually comprised of energy generation (both renewable and fossil fuel as a backup), Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), Energy Management Software and, if necessary, other enabling technology such as Automatic Transfer Switches.

It’s critical to create a microgrid environment that maximises on self-consumption and intelligently stores/dispatches energy based on export limitations, grid prices, time of day and renewable energy availability.

Aerial drone view of a solar energy farm on a mountainside (South Wales)

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Cloud Connectivity, Monitoring and Control of an Islanded Solar Microgrid

Using Hark Technology

A modern solarfield with battery storage in the wild nature, 3D illustration
“This project has allowed Hark to demonstrate our capabilities for massively optimising renewable energy use and storage in the microgrid environment. Hark’s technology allows for a complex energy strategy to be easily created, deployed, and edited.”
Jordan Appleson
CEO - Hark

Stacked Energy Control Strategies for Maximum Microgrid Efficiency

Fully optimised microgrid using Edge Control software 

Key Products Used

We used two core Hark products to facilitate the optimised microgrid solutions

Hark Edge Controller

The Hark Edge Controller’s EMS functionality is a vendor agnostic solution for stacking multiple control strategies such as Export Limitation and Peak Shaving. 

This simplifies the process of creating complex control strategies across multiple connected devices such as PV Inverters, Energy Meters, Energy Storage Systems, and so on. 

Hark’s EMS user interface is designed to make energy control strategies easy to create, use and edit. 

Hark Connect

Enterprise connectivity for industrial assets, buildings management systems and sensors. Securely connect to and collect data from any system source in real-time using The Hark Platform

Vendor-agnostic cloud connectivity to microgrid assets has allowed this customer to visualise their data within the Hark Platform. This provides the ability to see energy meter, battery and renewable data in real-time. 

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