The Hark Platform

Connect & Automate Buildings, Energy and Industrial Assets

A cloud-based sensor platform that allows Facilities Managers, Energy Managers and Asset Operators to connect to, analyse and optimise their industrial assets, buildings and energy in real-time.

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We help the world’s leading organisations connect to and monitor their estates, buildings and assets.

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Hark Connect and Hark Analytics

See why our flagship products are being used by industry-leading enterprises to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

Hark Connect

Hark Connect provides connectivity to industrial devices, assets and sensors on the edge, in the cloud and on-premises. Efficiently collating and streaming all of your asset data.

Hark Analytics

Hark Analytics is software that visualises and contextualises operational data to make it usable and drive action. This software is designed to have the most user-friendly interface on the market.

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Save Energy and Operational Costs
with The Hark Platform.

We’re helping the world to perform better by delivering a wide array of sustainable IoT solutions. What can you achieve with The Hark Platform?

Energy analytics and control. Real-time energy and asset data in a single system, with custom dashboards and automations.

Monitor, control and optimise solar PV, and other energy assets, with unprecedented precision. 

Enhance and optimise building operations with finely-tuned monitoring and control strategies.

Using sensors and gateways to stream and record valuable data from assets onto the cloud.

Make use of triggers, alerts and automation in order to reduce energy waste and cut usage costs.

Effortlessly become G100 compliant with Hark’s type-tested export limitation device.

How it Works

Hark simplifies connectivity and analytics for assets and devices. Digitise your estate by connecting industrial assets from your factory, process line, office, plant or lab, to the cloud.

We can connect the Hark Platform to many assets

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The Real Stories

How has Hark helped organisations really save millions of pounds and massively increase efficiency across their entire estates?

Case Study

Sainsbury's Case Study

Since 2018 we’ve been working with Sainsbury’s who have over 2000+ locations across the country and command a 14% share of the industry. The retail giant contacted our team with a specific goal in mind: to gain and increase visibility and control of assets within their estate with regards to their energy usage.

Fridges and Freezers in a Retail Supermarket

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