Innovation of Things.

The Hark mission is to build innovative hardware and software solutions to remedy real-world challenges.

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What is the Hark Platform?

Your real-time environmental monitoring system.

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Energy Monitoring

Welcome to the future of Energy Management; your powerdraw information – in real-time.

Operational efficiency is pertinent in every industry, the Hark Platform can be instrumental in driving down costs.

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Working with...

Manchester Science Partnerships
Roylance Scientific
Northumbria Pharma
Catapult Medicines Discoverys
Thornton & Ross

How does it work?


Capture and monitor your data in real-time.


Securely store and access your data long-term.


Gain powerful insights from your data.

The cloud solution for real-world data.

The Hark Platform is flexible enough to keep track of all kinds of environment data, whatever the industry.

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

Streamline your environmental data: from stability storage warehousing to solutions in transit.

Smart Buildings

Analyse and revolutionise your working and living environment.

Smart Cities

Bringing context to environmental data on a vast scale.

Regulatory Compliance Services

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Technology Consultancy Services

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