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We offer a wide range of solutions to make your organisation smarter and more efficient using the power of real-time data.

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Diverse in nature and various in number, industries across a broad spectrum of sectors are seeing the true power of real-time analytics for their operations. 

Hark’s cloud-based platform welcomes companies into the IoT revolution to reap the myriad of benefits that
come with data-driven operational efficiency.


Discovery and Pilot

Start your journey with Hark. We’re here to create a solution that’s right for your company
and introduce a smarter way of working.

Asset Monitoring

Start tracking your most valuable assets and
optimize workflows to make informed decisions.  


Energy Management and Control

Tackle sustainability head-on with energy usage reporting  and predictive maintenance as standard.


Regulatory Compliance

With rapid retrieval of compliance documentation and real-time statistics on all of your assets, regulatory compliance concerns are a thing of the past.


Predictive Maintenance

Start benefitting from Hark’s Machine Learning which automatically recognizes patterns and spotsanomalies within assets and equipment.

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