IoT Solutions for Retail and Hospitality

Vital asset and operational data at your fingertips. Smart IoT software, specifically designed for energy managers, asset operators and facilities managers for retail and hospitality businesses.

Retail and Hospitality IoT Software Solutions

Take control of your energy consumption through the real–time monitoring of any type of asset.

Retailers are now under more strain than ever to cut costs and adhere to emissions agreements. The Hark Platform (an Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution) allows organisations who operate in the retail and hospitality sectors to connect to, monitor and optimise their estates through pattern analysis, predictive maintenance, automation and more.

All of this is possible with The Hark Platform and its associated products – Connect and Analytics.

Predictive maintenance. The next level of smart.

We’ve developed machine learning algorithms that get to know your businesses in an instant. Our platform not only highlights potential failures and inefficiencies within assets or devices before they happen, but it also alerts the correct member of staff, in real-time.

When it comes to things like your lighting system, a member of staff doesn’t need to lift a finger. With sensor data of outside light levels, the Hark Platform has the power to control your indoor lights. Save energy, save money, and create a more pleasant environment for staff and shoppers.

  1. Decrease downtime by predetermining the problem with an asset, empowering engineers to turn up prepared. 
  2. Close monitoring of assets allows engineers to prevent major machine failures. Meaning expensive assets need replacing less often. 
  3. Reduce maintenance costs by having correct, up-to-date asset data to inform decisions on repairing and replacing assets

A 360° Solution - We don’t just look at efficiencies instore – We go one step further.

Warehouses and distribution centres, especially those that deal with perishables can be the biggest energy drain for retail or hospitality estates and are often the sites with the most antiquated hardware. Implementing our technology across the breadth of a company can identify inadequacies in any shape or form.

  • Use machine vision to make stores smarter and prevent stock loss.
  • Set up alerts and triggers to improve instantly operational efficiency.
  • Use asset tracking to make sure you never lose stock, not in the warehouse, not in transit and not in store.
  • Use pertinent patterns in data to optimise business operations and maximise yield.

Massively reduce your carbon footprint while cutting energy and maintenance costs.

Integrating IoT into retail estates has saved our customers millions of pounds and vastly reduced their carbon output.

  • Automatically control assets to reduce unnecessary power consumption.
  • Prevent unnecessary maintenance call outs by monitoring asset data remotely.
  • Identify and fix problematic assets before failures occur.

Case Study

Revolutionising Retail

Since 2018 we’ve been building a relationship with a major UK retailer who have over 2000+ locations across the country and command a 14% share of the industry. The retail giant contacted our team with a specific goal in mind: to gain and increase visibility and control of assets within their estate with regards to their energy usage.
Fridges and Freezers in a Retail Supermarket

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