Smart Building Deployment

70,000 sqft Office

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In Europe 38% of all energy consumption was attributed to residential and commercial buildings. Investments into infrastructures can have a global impact and allow building owners to innovate and take advantage of more flexible energy systems. The most influential technologies that are giving infrastructure owners unprecedented control of their energy are microgrids and IoT.

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Microgrid Market

Interconnected loads and distributed energy resources
MSP Bright Building Tesla Battery-min
"Microgrids open the door to the demand side response (DSR) method. Sometimes the grid has more demand than it is capable of meeting and therefore requires energy from alternative sources. So, they will outreach to the market and offer deals to providers, including those with batteries, meaning owners can sell energy back to the grid."
Jordan Appleson
CEO - Hark

Implementing IoT

The Bright Building, Manchester

70,000 sq ft office off grid

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