Use Hark as a G100 Export Limitation Device

G100 Export Limitation

G100 is an Energy Networks Association (ENA) and National Grid regulation that defines limits on grid connected energy installations. Hark’s G100 export limitation device helps to avoid exceeding agreed import and export capacities while maximising self-consumption.  

What is G100 Export Limitation?

G100 defines the parameters of Export and Import Limitation Schemes. It therefore enables a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) to define import and export limitations on a grid connection.

It is a critical regulation/protocol for businesses that generate or store energy. This is also particularly important when installing new solar generation, or battery energy storage systems (BESS), therefore increasing the site’s export capacity. This capacity increase, must comply with G100, otherwise risking penalties, critical grid infrastructure damage and potential site shutdowns. 

By measuring the overall current flow at the installation’s exit point, the G100 device can adjust the energy output in real-time, therefore ensuring the agreed Export Capacity is never surpassed. This process must occur within a specific time frame and sometimes with stricter tolerances or additional limitations, otherwise the site may risk being disconnected from the grid by the DNO. 

However, for businesses, this means they can safely contribute to the energy network without risking supply security or incurring penalties, making G100 compliance a key factor in effective energy generation and management. 

Download Our G100 Export Limitation Datasheet

Everything you need to know about our G100 Export Limitation Device, in a handy 3-page pdf.  

Datasheet - G100 Export limitation

G100 Compliance with Hark's G100 Export Limitation Device

To achieve G100 compliance you’ll need a G100 type approved device, often termed a Customer Limitation Scheme’ (CLS). Hark’s Type Tested G100 Export Limitation solution monitors and automatically adjusts energy generation assets to ensure the export limit is never surpassed. 

We can offer granular control of Solar PV, to maximise output, rather than shutting down entire systems, or sites (in contrast with many competing G100 type approved devices, that currently do). 

The ability to gradually wind-down generation to optimal levels also ensures you are maximising on available generated energy at all times, without exceeding the imposed limits.

Site solar installation for G100 export limitation

G100 Issue 2 Amendment 2 Compliant

Our solution is G100 Issue 2 Amendment 2 (G100/2) compliant, which means we meet all of the complex logging and lockout requirements necessary to comply with the most up-to-date version of G100.

solar installation allowing for g100 export limitation

Requirements of G100 Type Tested Device Compliance

A mixture of on-site hardware and software is required for a G100 export limitation deployment. A master control panel will be installed to act as the central brain, to control secondary controllers via secure HTTPS connections, over ethernet or fibre. These secondary Hark gateways are then connected directly into the Solar Array via serial cables.

As a result, the distributed central management of energy assets is enabled. In the current market, competitors cannot offer a solution as intelligent or flexible as this.

G100 now allows for more nuanced control of assets. The Hark system enables logical, rule based control, keeping essential systems powered whilst also maximising self consumption. 

By offering a type tested, and ENA approved solution, Hark ensures an easy installation process, and guaranteed compliance with the latest regulations. 

Note: Any energy audits that discover generation sites aren’t complying with G100 consequently risk being shut off entirely. This includes sites which may have previously been compliant that are undergoing modifications. Due to the nature of the Hark solution, it is explicitly future proofed for any future updates to G100.

Why Choose Hark for G100 Export Limitation?

Case Study

Islanded Microgrid Energy Optimisation Project

Using the Hark Edge Controller, we helped a rural customer connect to and control microgrid assets such as Energy Meters, Solar PV and Energy Storage Batteries, in order to meet import/export limitations, maximise on self-consumption and optimise microgrid energy efficiency.

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