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Hark Analytics

Hark Analytics is simple and easy-to-use visualisation and analytics software for monitoring process data, sensors, and assets. 

What is Hark Analytics

Hark Analytics empowers the visualisation and analysis of data from industrial assets, building management systems, and other sensors to monitor and report in real-time. This data can be democratised for operational directors, asset operators, engineers, analysts, and data teams.  

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Increased visibility cultivates efficient operations – that’s why UX is at the core of Hark. Customisable dashboards provide self-service views across your assets and estate. With Hark Analytics you can easily create visually appealing dashboards that display only what you need them to. 
Enhance the overall performance of your buildings, assets, and industrial systems through real-time visibility, reporting and alerting. Hark analytics provides an alerting feature which reports any abnormalities within your estate. 
Hark Platform Accessing Modules

Hark Analytics Features

Here are some of the features that help leading organisations monitor and automate all of the buildings and assets within their estate.

Location, Assets and Sensor Management  with Access Control 

Setup Locations, Assets and Sensors in the platform, for teams and individuals to monitor and manage. Access control and security permissions for fine grained control of who can access what. 

Customisable Views and Dashboard

Self-service tools and visualisations allow users to setup their own view, that can be shared and reused across teams and estates. The right people see the right stuff.

Data Explorer

Visualise, compare and dive-into data from your assets and estate. Visualisation tools for time-series sensor and process data can be used to track metrics, output trends and graphs for reporting, monitoring and taking action.

Real-time Monitoring, Alerting and Logging

Hark Analytics provides remote, real-time monitoring of assets and logs all abnormalities. You can set up events and alerts to send notifications based on rules and triggers. Send alerts via SMS, Email, Communication Tools and even Webhooks. 

Plug and Play

Connect to your assets through industry standard protocols and see them in real-time using Hark Connect and Hark Analytics.

Deploy in the Cloud or On-Premises

Deploy Hark Analytics on the edge, in the cloud or as a hybrid model.   

Database, BI Connectors  and Backup Options

Stream data into your own database systems such as PostgreSQL, Timescale, InfluxDB and more. Save and backup mission critical data in globally redundant cloud storage providers; just choose which global region you want to store your mission critical data. 

What can you achieve with Hark Analytics?

Energy analytics and control. Real-time energy and asset data in a single system, with custom dashboards and automations.

Monitor, control and optimise solar PV, and other energy assets, with unprecedented precision. 

Enhance and optimise building operations with finely-tuned monitoring and control strategies.

Using sensors and gateways to stream and record valuable data from assets onto the cloud.

Asset and Building Automation and Control

Make use of triggers, alerts and automation in order to reduce energy waste and cut usage costs.

Effortlessly become G100 compliant with Hark’s type-tested export limitation device.

Stream Your Data with Hark Connect

Enterprise connectivity for industrial assets, buildings management systems and sensors. Stream data from your assets and machines via industry standard protocols. 

Securely connect to and collect data from any system source in real-time.

We can connect the Hark Platform to many assets
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Putting The 'U' in UX

We take user experience seriously, which is why Hark Analytics is one of the most accessible, visually astounding and smooth data visibility experiences available on the market. See for yourself… 

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