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Resources for Energy and Industrial IoT

What is Real-time Alerting?

Contents What is real-time alerting? We use real-time alerting to help drive efficiency in organisations. Real-time alerting is critical for empowering predictive maintenance and therefore

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Why are smart buildings important?

All Systems Operational  Contents Why are smart buildings important? The adoption of smart buildings is important for a variety of reasons. For one, smart buildings can greatly improve

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What is a smart building?

All Systems Operational  Contents What is a ‘smart building’? A smart building, also known as a connected or intelligent building, is a structure that uses

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Timeseries Stationarity

Timeseries Stationarity

This blog post discusses the importance of stationarity in timeseries data when performing analysis or generating forecasts. Non-stationary data can pose challenges for accurate forecasting, but transformations such as differencing, Box-Cox, and Yeo-Johnson can help make data stationary. These techniques can help with effective planning and implementation of energy management policies.

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Hexadecimal Blog Post Featured Image (1)

What The Hex: Demystifying Hex Codes

Whether you’re a former Myspace tinkerer or a seasoned web developer who deals daily with colour on the web, you’ve probably come across hex codes before, but how much do you know about this strange-looking combination of numbers and letters? If the answer is not very much, check this out.

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Understanding the Bias Variance Trade-Off

The bias-variance trade-off is a fundamental concept in machine learning and statistics that refers to the trade-off between a model’s ability to fit the training data well (low bias) and its ability to generalise to unseen data (low variance).

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iot project planning

Why do IoT projects fail and what can be done to ensure success?

The internet of things (IoT) is best known for unlocking new business opportunities by transforming the way people and machines work. In today’s world, data is the key to a business’s success; IoT deployments can provide critical data to any device such as a phone, tablet or computer within seconds to help businesses improve performance.

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