Energy Monitoring and Asset Performance Monitoring at IPL Packaging Sites

Hark work with IPL, one of the largest importers of produce in the UK, to gain connectivity and visibility of industrial assets within multiple packaging sites in the UK. The initial goal was to retrieve energy and asset performance data to feed into the company’s OEE metrics. These facilities contain production lines, refrigeration plants, and multiple sub-metered areas throughout. Before working with Hark, IPL had no central location to visualise and analyse their data, and in some cases no way to collect data.  

In order to make substantial performance gains and energy savings, IPL were aware that they would need cloud connectivity and automatic data collection. In other words, a real-time asset and energy management system.  

The 2022 energy crisis applied additional pressure on energy-intensive businesses and the push for net-zero emissions has created a huge need for cloud technology, smart buildings, and energy monitoring software. 

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Unlocked Energy Monitoring and Asset Performance Data

A digitally-enabled estate

Senior solutions architect, Brad Halstead on electrical site survey
“Having a deeper understanding of what’s happening behind the scenes at our production sites has been a real game-changer for how IPL makes operational and capital decisions. The Hark Platform gives me and my team the insight we need to keep our assets running at peak efficiency and to identify potential improvement initiatives, which ultimately helps to reduce operational and energy costs.”
Patrick Waterton
Manager of Engineering & Hygiene, IPL

Secure Connectivity

A secure IIoT platform

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Key Features and Services

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Key Outcomes

What were outcomes of the project and how did it benefit the client?

Energy and Asset Efficiency ⚡️

The ability to monitor energy and asset usage accurately helped improve performance of assets and lead to energy savings as well.

Insightful Data & Analytics 🔎

Access to crucial data insights is essential for the business, whether for reporting, regulation or to make improvements to processes.

Industry 4.0 Ready 🤖

With the shift towards smart factories, the integration of cloud-connected systems has positioned the company to be at the forefront of a digital-first future.

Reduced Maintenance Costs 🔧 

Predictive maintenance enabled by the Triggers and Alerting features of The Hark Platform helps to plan callouts more efficiently and reduces maintenance costs by using real-time data and forecasting.

Maximising Yield Through Optimisation 📈

Higher efficiency in the facility, and optimal performance of assets, helps maximize yield and leads to better overall performance. 

Reducing Hardware Requirements 🔋

Accurate insight into the health of assets helps the company determine if an asset needs to be replaced or just repaired, reducing the need for additional hardware, and cutting costs.

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