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Meet The Team

Get to know the effervescent characters that make up Hark: a dynamic collective of unique professionals, each with their own wonderful skills, talents and personalities. What a team!

Meet Our Founders, Software Engineers, & Creative Thinkers.

Jordan Appleson
Jordan Appleson
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Hathaway, CTO @ Hark
Andrew Hathaway
Chief Technology Officer
Julian Kay
Julian Kay
Chief Information Security Officer
Mike Jeffs - Hark
Mike Jeffs
Chief Commercial Officer
Bradley Halstead - Hark
Bradley Halstead
Senior Solutions Engineer
Jamie Vaughan
Jamie Vaughan
Senior Software Engineer
Matt Atkin - Hark
Matthew Atkin
Software Engineer
Angus Doherty - Hark
Angus Doherty
Data Scientist
Ben Jones - Hark
Ben Jones
Technical Support Engineer
Phoebe McLaughlin
Phoebe McLaughlin
Product Owner
Andy Cochrane - Hark
Andy Cochrane
UI Engineer
Carlos Nisbet - Hark
Juan Carlos Nisbet
Marketing Executive
Alys Kelly Headshot
Alys Kelly
Account Manager
Yarek Headshot
Yarek Tyshchenko
Solution Engineer
Tom Boothman
Solution Engineer
Martin Headshot
Martin Bristow
Strategic Partner Manager
Catherine Wicks Headshot
Catherine Wicks
Project Manager
Your Dream Job?

Come and join us

If sustainability and technology is a combination you like the sound of, then a career at Hark could be for you. We offer fulfilling roles in a brilliant team, with great opportunities for professional development.

Our History

Hark was founded in 2016. You know the story, founders quit their job and work from the garage or basement. Hark didn’t start quite like that but wasn’t a million miles away. The original spark that set Hark alight was simple: make manual tasks easier.

We started in Life Sciences, winning our first customers, pharmaceutical companies; monitoring and reporting on sensor information, such as temperature, and providing a digital paper trail for scientists, asset operators and lab technicians. This is where our most popular features, like alerting and custom dashboards, stem from. We dabbled in manufacturing our own hardware for a while before we went all-in on software and started to develop our partner network.

In 2017, we onboarded several other life sciences customers and were also asked to apply our remote asset monitoring solutions to other industries, Energy and Retail. By the end of that year, we were monitoring and controlling Tesla batteries and also had our software deployed in supermarkets monitoring assets such as energy meters, lighting, bakery ovens and HVAC.

In 2018, our retail deployment developed and grew into a national UK & Ireland rollout for a top 4 supermarket. We also licenced out our technology for industrial manufacturers who were recognising the need to offer software solutions as part of their proposition. Hark’s work was also attracting attention from some of the large tech companies who we thankfully now call partners, we’re proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner, a Dell Partner, Intel and Arm.

In 2019 we added innovation workshops with another top 4 retailer and also expanded our platforms capabilities from stores to depots, with new platform modules looking at occupancy and shrinkage. We also enabled connectivity for a few more assets along the way, notably Solar PV and cameras as part of machine vision.

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