Solar PV Monitoring and Management Software

Solar PV monitoring and management software for connecting to, analysing and remotely controlling all solar generation and storage assets. 

Control solar with unprecedented precision, allowing G100 compliance and maximising solar efficiency.

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Solar PV Monitoring & Management

What is a Solar PV Monitoring and Management System?

A solar monitoring system tracks the performance and output of your solar panel installation. It provides real-time data and historical performance metrics, allowing you to monitor energy production, consumption, and overall system health. The monitor reads the data flowing through a solar array’s inverters. SolarEdge is a leading solar manufacturer whose solar monitoring capabilities are built into their inverters and amplified using Hark software. 

Solar Inverter Management & Efficiency

Maximise on self consumption, and keep your solar generation running as efficiently as possible with The Hark Platform. Create custom dashboards to visualise your data however makes sense for you, and use triggers and automations to control energy assets based on variables such as time of day, ambient sensor values or energy asset values. 




Connect All Solar Inverters Regardless of Make

The Hark Platform is vendor agnostic and can integrate with SolarEdge, Fronius, SMA, Enphase, Solis, Xantex, Solectria and other inverter manufacturers that run SunSpec, ModBus, and other protocols.

Connect all inverters, and other energy assets, including energy storage batteries and meters to the cloud, to gather all energy data in a single place. 


Inverter Manufacturers That Run SunSpec, ModBus, & Other Protocols

Hark AdvanTech Panel
Simply deploy a Hark gateway to your site, to gain access to energy asset data, and remotely control assets using custom triggers and automations.

A proof of concept project can be easily set up to demonstrate the power of The Hark Platform within your estate.

Hark's Solar PV Monitoring System Improves Solar PV Effectiveness with Stacked Control Strategies.

Fully Optimise and Manage Solar PV Generation

Monitor, analyse and optimise generation and consumption with custom dashboards, alerts and automations.

Connect With ALL Energy Assets Regardless of Vendor

Our vendor agnostic solution allows the connectivity of multiple types of solar inverter, as well as connectivity for any other energy asset.

Enable G100 Compliant Export Limitation

Reduce potential downtime and maximise generation efficiency with Hark’s G100 export limitation system.

Quickly Pinpoint Generation Inefficiencies

Use triggers and alarms to quickly pinpoint inefficiencies and notify the the relevant people (or automatically respond with remote control).

Create a Customised Energy Asset Hierarchy

Organise your energy estate in a way that makes sense to you. Break data into granular dashboards, allowing detailed analysis – as well as top-level overviews.

Create Layered Control Strategies

Use Hark’s edge control capabilities to stack energy control strategies such as peak shaving, export limitation or AC islanding.

Become G100 Compliant with Hark Export Limitation Solutions

Hark’s G100 Export Limitation system allows automatic fine-tuning of solar inverter set-points, in order to maximise self-consumption and energy exportation up to the established limitation.

Case Study

Islanded Microgrid Energy Optimisation Project

Using the Hark Edge Controller, we helped a rural customer connect to and control microgrid assets such as Energy Meters, Solar PV and Energy Storage Batteries, in order to meet import/export limitations, maximise on self-consumption and optimise microgrid energy efficiency.

Increase Efficiency, Maximise Yield, Reduce Waste

Use The Hark Platform to connect to, monitor and optimise your estate. Reducing both costs and carbon emissions, and massively improving the performance of your organisation.

Want to Connect Your Assets?

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