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Energy Monitoring

Welcome to the future of Energy Management; your power draw information – in real-time. Operational efficiency is pertinent in every industry, the Hark Platform can be instrumental in driving down costs.

Powerful Intelligence.

From day one of installation The Hark Platform’s Asset Monitoring systems use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to automatically recognise patterns and spot anomalies.

The Hark Platform can connect to your energy meters and submeters in order to monitor power metrics in real-time. Whether you already have existing metering infrastructure or new infrastructure is required, the Hark Platform works with Schneider Electric, Siemens, Honeywell, Dent and more…

From proof of concept right through to nationwide scale-up projects, our technology instantly allows our clients cut energy costs, increase yield and predict failures.

Real-time Insights
  • Peak Demand Analysis
  • Peak Load Analysis
  • Real-time Energy Cost Information
  • Energy Cost Optimisation
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Forecasting and Prediction

The Power of Predictive

Our cloud-based platform brings your company to the forefront of operational technology. By utilising machine learning, we can help you predict faults before they happen.

With the improvement this gives to your operational efficiency, your maintenance schedule becomes far more informed. This insight bleeds into every area of your business, from supply chain right through to personnel.


Metering and Monitoring

Connect to existing metering infrastructure for monitoring and reporting. We offer a full range of connectivity solutions for monitoring, consumption and generation.


Optimisation and Forecasting

Add a layer of intelligence to your business with advance machine learning based analytics and forecasting technology. Take your optimisation ability to the next level with our technology platform.


Estate Wide

Streamline analytical capability by leveraging both microscopic and macroscopic views. Accelerate decision making and reduce the time taken to identify significant cost saving opportunities.

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