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Energy Consumption Monitoring and Management Software

Welcome to the future of Energy Management; your power draw information – in real-time. Operational energy efficiency is pertinent in every industry, the Hark Platform is instrumental in driving down energy costs through real-time energy monitoring.

What is Energy Consumption Monitoring?

Energy monitoring is the process of tracking, recording and visualising energy consumption, which can be across an entire facility or right down to an asset.

By monitoring power consumption, and having access to critical data, we are able to fully optimise our consumption behaviour and ultimately reduce costs and emissions.

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How Can The Hark Platform Help You Reduce Costs & Carbon Emissions?

Peak Load Analysis

Understanding your peak load is the first step to reducing and optimising. The Hark Platform can provide a full peak load analysis to assist. 

Predictive Maintenance

Keep your assets functioning at their very best by closely monitoring and maintaining. 

Energy Cost Optimisation

Add a layer of intelligence to your business with advanced machine learning based analytics and forecasting technology. 

Real-time Alerts

When an asset malfunctions, now you can automatically alert the right engineer, and have it repaired before it gets worse.

Anomaly Detection

Immediately take action when anomalies occur in order to massively reduce down time. 

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Reducing Carbon Emissions, One Asset at a Time

By connecting devices and assets, we can effectively reduce our carbon emissions output. That means that net zero targets can be met, and we can help protect the planet.

Here are some of the ways The Hark Platform cultivates sustainability:

Hark IoT Case Studies and Use Cases

Increase Efficiency, Maximise Yield, Reduce Waste

Use The Hark Platform to connect to, monitor and optimise your estate. Reducing both costs and carbon emissions, and massively improving the performance of your organisation.

Your Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about energy consumption monitoring, all in one place.

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