Monitor, optimise and control energy consumption

Energy Management System (EMS) Software

Use The Hark Platform as an Energy Management System to help understand and benchmark consumption, while automatically controlling and automating energy use to increase efficiency throughout your estate.

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What is an Energy Management System?

A combination of technologies and software that help commercial and industrial environments to continually improve energy performance. Understanding the electricity market,  storage batteries, on-site renewables, energy import/export, individual asset consumption, and more, contributes to the foundation of an energy management system. Similarly, automatic control of assets and instant reaction to grid-demand helps to make intuitive efficiency gains.

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Energy Management System Software to Increase Efficiency

Peak Load Analysis

Understanding your peak load is the first step to reducing and optimising. The Hark Platform can provide a full peak load analysis to assist.

Predictive Maintenance

Keep your assets functioning at their very best by closely monitoring (consumption, vibration, temperature) and maintaining only when necessary. 

Energy Cost Optimisation

Add a layer of intelligence to your business with advanced machine learning based analytics and forecasting technology to help optimise energy costs. 

Real-time Alerting

When an asset malfunctions, you can automatically alert the right engineer, and have it repaired before it gets worse.

Anomaly Detection

Immediately take action when anomalies occur (in performance or consumption) to massively reduce down time and keep assets performing at their peak. 

Reporting and Audit Trails

Data in the Hark Platform can be used or exported for audit trails, compliance or reporting on a number of different key areas such as Carbon, Energy, or Asset Performance.

Integrate The Hark Platform into your ISO50001 Certification

This ISO standard provides a practical way to improve energy consumption. Managing and reducing energy consumption through the ISO 50001 certification requires an energy management platform that can connect to assets, record data, provide reports, and automatically control energy-consuming assets.


Read more about Hark and ISO 50001 here.