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Energy Managers, Asset Owners and Data Analysts have lots of data, but lack the time to adequately analyse that data and draw the necessary insight.

Hark Meter Readings simplifies the processing and analysis of energy data, meaning more time to take control of your estate or your customers’ site locations.

Upload your CSV and get insights in seconds.

Why Are Energy Analytics Important?

Energy profiling, forecasting, time of day analysis, data comparisons; all of these types of energy analytics play an important role in understanding your energy estate. With this kind of information at your fingertips, optimisation becomes easier, and efficiency is vastly increased.

How Can Hark Meter Readings Help You Reduce Costs & Carbon Emissions?

Energy Profiling

Gain an understanding of your estate’s profile and usage, at an asset and meter level or at an estate-wide level.

Baselining and Forecasting

Use historic data to create forecasts and predictions of future consumption and usage. Use this to influence maintenance, procurement and asset control.

Time of Day Analysis

See when consumption rates spike and which times of day are most costly for your energy estate.

Price and Cost Analysis

Overlay energy costs to get a complete financial picture of energy spend across the estate.

Peak Consumption and Anomalous Consumption

Use advanced machine learning algorithms to understand energy profiles and create baselines, which proactively affect anomaly detection.

Degree Day Analysis

Degree days provide context on how temperature has changed throughout the day, relative to a user defined base temperature (the temperature that the heating should come on at). They can be used for both heating and cooling analysis.

Weather and External Data Comparisons

Normalise energy consumption by any external factor, ensuring your estate is performing efficiently. From sales and production, to weather and renewable power generation.

Billing Integration

Consumption data from estates can be broken into Sites (physical locations), Areas (spaces where you want to measure or bill consumption data) and Meters (the physical or virtual assets associated to a Site or Area). Detect missing data, challenge meter readings, see energy spikes, and validate billing.

Reducing Carbon Emissions, One Asset at a Time

By monitoring and controlling energy consumption, we can effectively reduce our carbon emissions output. That means that net zero targets can be met, and we can help protect the planet. Here are some of the ways The Hark Platform cultivates sustainability.


One-click Management

Fast, intuitive, easy to use interface and energy dashboard.

Elements of the Energy Module within the Hark Platform
Upload and Play - Energy Tools Dashboard

Upload and Play

Upload your data efficiently, our system then visualises instantly.

Insights, Analysis and Dashboards

Draw insights and consumption information quickly, daily profile, per customer, per location, per meter, time of day.

Average day profile graph from the Energy dashboard
Create forecast with the Energy Module

Data Integrations and Forecasting

Compare against data points and forward plan.

Increase Efficiency, Maximise Yield, Reduce Waste

Use The Hark Platform to connect to, monitor and optimise your estate. Reducing both costs and carbon emissions, and massively improving the performance of your organisation.

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