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Datasheets & Whitepapers

Learn more about Hark’s products and solutions with our library of PDF datasheets and whitepapers.

Learn more about the Hark platform


Hark Connect Product Datasheet

Learn more about Hark Connect: this product offers secure cloud connectivity to any industrial assets, allowing highly optimised data aggregation.


Hark Analytics Product Datasheet

Learn more about Hark Analytics: visualise data in a way that makes sense to you. This product offers custom dashboards, automations and control of your industrial assets.


Hark Meter Readings Product Datasheet

Learn more about Hark Energy Tools: get the most out of your energy data and start reducing the size of your bills today.


Hark Industrial IoT Buyers Guide

What can an IoT platform do for you? This guide will help you understand the typical roadmap to an IoT deployment, and what benefits IoT platforms offer to businesses.


The Hark Partner Program

Interested in becoming a partner? Read our program to find out exactly what we can offer to your customers.


Rebirth of Retail

Learn more about IoT’s role in the redevelopment of the retail landscape. Hark has been part of IoT rollouts for multiple enterprise supermarket; this whitepaper shares our views on the future of global retail.


An Introduction to Hark

New to Hark? Find out who we are and what we do with this Hark introduction whitepaper. 

Whitepaper - An introduction to Hark


16 ways industrial IoT can Drive Value

Want to know more about IoT? Find out how IoT can drive value for your business by reading this whitepaper from Hark.