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Microgrid Energy Control

Use Hark technology to connect to and manage all of your microgrid assets, such as Solar PV, Energy Meters, Energy Storage Systems, and more (regardless of asset vendor, model or communications protocol).

Create automated energy control strategies to optimise energy performance throughout your estate.

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Microgrid Controller for Energy Assets

The true value in a microgrid comes from intuitively storing and dispatching energy based on factors such as time of day, energy price events or storage battery charge states. 

By connecting to and controlling all of your microgrid assets, you can instantly optimise energy use, reduce bills and even open up new revenue streams through grid services.

Case Study

Islanded Microgrid Energy Optimisation Project

Using the Hark Edge Controller, we helped a rural customer connect to and control microgrid assets such as Energy Meters, Solar PV and Energy Storage Batteries, in order to meet import/export limitations, maximise on self-consumption and optimise microgrid energy efficiency.

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