What is Energy Monitoring?

Energy monitoring is the process of tracking, recording and visualising energy consumption, which can be across an entire facility or right down to an asset. 

What is Energy Monitoring

Will Energy Monitoring Reduce my Consumption?

Energy monitoring alone cannot reduce a facility’s energy consumption and provide instant savings, but it can provide detailed insight into a building’s operational needs for energy and facility managers to implement effective changes.

For instance, monitoring a building’s energy consumption could highlight inefficiencies such as excessively heating a vacant area or assets that are losing excess heat due to a possible failure. This identification of problem areas means changes can be made, such as conducting maintenance on assets that are operating inefficiently, meaning energy savings can be gained. 

Our energy analytics solution tracks energy consumption across your entire facility in real-time. We offer a full range of connectivity solutions for monitoring consumption and generation. 

Our platform analyses data from every connected component in your building to identify anomalies and areas for efficiency improvement. 

Managers can access this information on our easy-to-use dashboard at any time, helping to make informed decisions. The Hark Platform can be instrumental in driving down costs

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