What does more energy efficient mean?

Energy efficiency is becoming a commonplace phrase, but what exactly does it mean? Energy efficiency means using less energy whilst still providing the same level of performance or maintaining the same temperature. Ultimately, energy efficiency is doing more with less.

What does more energy efficient mean
Most refrigerator models can be modified to reduce the amount of electricity needed to power the device.

Take a refrigerator for example, which requires energy to power and maintain the internal cool temperature, however, inefficient models use additional energy to maintain the same performance. Most models can be modified to reduce the amount of electricity needed to power the device (or otherwise known as becoming more energy-efficient). If optimisation is not possible, you may need to consider replacing them for a more efficient version.

Manufacturing companies use large production equipment that require lots of energy to power and inefficient equipment is one of the biggest culprits for energy wastage. Motors are especially draining as the longer they run, the hotter they get and the more they cost. Reducing the speed by only 20% can half its energy consumption.

What Does More Energy Efficient Mean - Motors and Drives
Reducing motor speed by just 20% can half its energy consumption. Turning a 4kW motor off for 1 hour per day saves £144 per year. For a 50kW motor it saves £1,425.

Driving energy efficiency across your business and assets leads to minimal energy wastage. Becoming more energy efficient is exceptionally important for several reasons.


First of all, making your assets and the business overall more energy efficient means you are reducing your energy usage and thereby carbon emissions as well. A recent case study of a manufacturer, demonstrated that by implementing lighting controls and sensors they are saving £513 a year alongside 5 tonnes of Co2. Most companies have sustainability goals that they need to achieve, including carbon-neutral incentives and driving energy efficiency is a major factor in reaching these targets.

What Does More Energy Efficient Mean Lighting and Sensors
A £255 lighting control investment saves £813 per year and reduces Co2 by 5 tonnes per year.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Operating more efficiently, reduces your energy consumption, meaning you can save significant amounts on your utility bills. If you were to implement an effective energy management solution on an industrial or commercial building, you have the potential to save thousands each year. According to the Department of Energy & Climate Change, the average SME could reduce its energy bills by 18-25% by installing energy efficiency measures with an average payback of less than 1.5 years.

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