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Predictive Maintenance Software

Commercial and industrial assets require constant upkeep to fully maximise their performance. Predictive maintenance software allows organisations to optimise their assets and maintain them efficiently – reducing waste and maximising yield. 

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance is the act of monitoring data from assets in order to pre-emptively act on signs of deterioration, before they become problematic. Using tools like The Hark Platform, energy managers and asset operators are able to gain visibility of their entire estate and proactively maintain and repair damages before serious failures occur. This massively increases asset life, while reducing downtime and cost. 

How Does Predictive Maintenance Help Reduce Costs & Carbon Emissions?

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Having insights on which parts of which assets are broken, hugely decreases call-out time and reduces maintenance costs massively.

Less Machine Failures

Close monitoring of assets allows engineers to prevent major machine failures. Meaning expensive assets need replacing less often.

Decreased Downtime

By predetermining what has caused an asset to break down, downtime for repairs is reduced. Engineers arrive with the correct tools and do not need to investigate the problem. 

Increased Service Life of Parts

Early detection of asset issues increase the service life of industrial machinery. 

Increased Efficiency

Costs are reduced, and profits are maximised by having your entire estate of assets fully optimised and working at full capacity 100% of the time.

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Reducing Carbon Emissions, One Asset at a Time

By connecting devices and assets, we can effectively reduce our carbon emissions output. That means that net zero targets can be met, and we can help protect the planet.

Here are some of the ways The Hark Platform cultivates sustainability:

Hark IoT Case Studies and Use Cases

Increase Efficiency, Maximise Yield, Reduce Waste

Use The Hark Platform to connect to, monitor and optimise your estate. Reducing both costs and carbon emissions, and massively improving the performance of your organisation.

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