We have experience deploying IoT solutions into a range of different industries, all with a view of saving costs, reducing emissions and increasing efficiency. Take a look at some of the industries we can make a big impact in.

Hark Industry IoT Use Cases and Solutions

Making your operations smart means streamlining processes and accelerating decisions.

No matter the industry, the data-driven insights garnered through the use of the Hark Platform intuitively increases productivity and enterprise-wide growth. We’re constantly breaking ground in new and exciting verticals and deploying our platform at rapid speeds.

Our technology helps many industries and use cases.

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Timeseries Stationarity

This blog post discusses the importance of stationarity in timeseries data when performing analysis or generating forecasts. Non-stationary data can pose challenges for accurate forecasting, but transformations such as differencing, Box-Cox, and Yeo-Johnson can help make data stationary. These techniques can help with effective planning and implementation of energy management policies.

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Understanding the Bias Variance Trade-Off

The bias-variance trade-off is a fundamental concept in machine learning and statistics that refers to the trade-off between a model’s ability to fit the training data well (low bias) and its ability to generalise to unseen data (low variance).

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