IoT Solutions for
Energy and Utilities

Transforming energy and utilities through intelligent technology

Technology to power the energy and utility systems of the future. User-friendly, secure and capable of connecting to any energy asset. We are developing a suite of tools to support our customers in deploying a diverse set of solutions.

The distributed energy revolution is happening now.

From wind turbines and solar farms, to energy storage systems such as batteries and electrical vehicles. Monitoring, managing and controlling these remote assets is made possible by the Hark Platform. Monitor the health and efficiency of your energy generating assets such as wind farms, solar farms and energy storage systems through real-time data insights and management.

The Hark Platform provides a suite of tools and features that enables businesses to control the operations and efficiency of systems as well as providing robust analytical, forecasting and prediction mechanisms which are crucial to intelligent operation. Any form of sensor data can be measured using the Hark Platform, energy meters are just one of many categories.


The advent of distributed generation, storage and electric vehicles.

Higher demands for electricity generation and distribution means that new ways of optimising and producing energy on-demand are required in order maintain grid stability. Using the Hark Platform to control assets like heavy machinery, batteries and vehicle-to-grid charging mechanisms eases the strain on power grids, produces greener electricity, and makes additional energy revenue streams accessible.

What’s more, our technology can be used to turn many existing assets into demand response assets capable of reducing the barrier to entry to the energy optimisation revolution.


Automatically identify and optimise.

Data-led insights improve the operation of water supply infrastructure, pumps and outhouses by monitoring your individual assets.The Hark Platform uses real-time data to identify areas of concern and automatically reporting on and assisting with minimal downtime requirements. Encouraging carbon-neutral production and reducing waste disposal boosts your business’ ‘eco-image’, all the while reducing your expenditure and maintenance costs

Smart technologies are making cities more productive and efficient.

Interconnected sensors and buildings can be used to orchestrate control at a city wide scale, as well as provide new ways of contextualised notifications to the public, in real-time.

The Hark Platform makes smart cities simple, by using data streams and insights to control factors in accordance to real-time conditions. Energy, pollution, congestion and more. Our technologies improve the standards of living and provide cities across the globe with a gateway to a carbon neutral future.

Case Study:
Revolutionising Retail

Since 2018 we’ve been building a relationship with a major UK retailer who have over 2000+ locations across the country and command a 14% share of the industry.

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