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IoT Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Transforming energy and utilities through intelligent remote monitoring technology.

IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions - Hark

Technology to power the smart energy and utility systems of the future.

The Hark Platform can have a huge impact in the energy and utilities sector by monitoring the condition and performance of assets such as solar panels, wind turbines or batteries, and reporting on data such as flow level, voltage, kWh, energy consumption and much more.

Hark - Energy and Utilities IoT Platform for Remote Asset Monitoring

Smart microgrids for energy generation are now a great resource that enable businesses to create backup power sources, and in some cases, even sell excess power back to the grid.

Hark Energy and IoT Platform for Utilties for remote asset monitoring and predictive maintenance

Now, with regulatory pressures forcing the utilities industry to do more with current assets, the ability to monitor, aggregate and visualise asset data is fundamental to maintain stability in a rapidly changing sector.

How can the Hark Platform help energy and utility managers reduce costs & carbon emissions?

From wind turbines and solar farms, to energy storage systems such as batteries and electrical vehicles. Monitoring, managing and controlling these remote assets is made possible by the Hark Platform.Turn your site inefficiencies into energy savings.

Monitor Asset Health and Efficiency

Monitor the health and efficiency of your energy generating assets through real-time data insights and management. 

Set Point Control and Optimisation

Control the operations and efficiency of systems across your organisation’s estate.

Remote Energy and Asset Assessments

Utilise robust analytical, forecasting and prediction mechanisms for smarter operations, in the palm of your hand.

Data Aggregation for lots of sensors

Any form of sensor data can be measured using the Hark Platform, energy meters are just one of many categories.

The advent of distributed generation, storage and electric vehicles.

Higher demands for electricity generation and distribution means that new ways of optimising and producing energy on-demand are required in order to maintain grid stability.

Heavy machinery such as water pumps can be monitored through the Hark Platform

Control assets like heavy machinery, batteries and vehicle-to-grid charging mechanisms.

Ease the strain on power grids, produce greener electricity, and make additional energy revenue streams accessible. 

Take advantage of and make new revenue streams accessible from your existing assets
Turn existing assets into demand response assets ahead of the energy revolutions with Hark

Turn existing assets into demand/response assets, capable of removing the obstacles ahead of the energy revolution.

Automatically identify and optimise.

Data-led insights improve the operation of water supply infrastructure, pumps and outhouses by monitoring your individual assets in the from of sensors such as flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and kWh.

Read our energy storage and control case study

We’ve been connected to a Tesla power pack at a 70,000 sq ft office in Manchester since 2018.

Case Study

National Grid uses the Triad to determine TNUoS charges for customers with half-hour metering. Hark enables control of energy storage assets, used for Triad avoidance and RAG optimisation.

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