Case Study: Real-time Weather, Metrological Insight and Rainfall Monitoring with Vaisala Equipment

Major UK Organisation

60 Second Sample Rate

~24hr Setup Time

We worked closely with the business to understand what their water treatment facility needed from us and how we could provide the most impact. 

Together with the customer, we deployed real-time remote monitoring alongside alert notifications via SMS, Email and Microsoft Team. This meant that preventative maintenance could be achieved seamlessly for the business.

Ensuring customers can choose their own hardware based on specific requirements is a core part of the Hark ethos and in this case, the customer and the Hark team identified the Vaisala WXT530 device. The WXT530 series is a unique collection of cost-effective sensors that accurately and reliably measure weather conditions. They can capture any combination of wind, rain, temperature, and barometric readings in a compact, affordable package.


How to connect a Vaisala WXT530 to the cloud?

“Using hardware like the Vaisala WXT530 we've been able to really help the client increase visibility of key operational data. By unlocking and analysing this data, the client has been empowered to really enhance the efficiency of their operations.”
Mike Jeffs
CCO - Hark

How was the connectivity uplink achieved?

water treatment facility

What data is monitored and collected in real-time?

How are the customer’s teams utilising the data and external cloud connectors?

“Simplifying cloud connectivity for industrial assets is paramount for organisations and teams to enable the net-zero transition. This provides a secure, future-proofed foundation.”
Jordan Appleson
CEO - Hark

Visibility and Smarter Operation

The key outcomes for the end customer and their teams:

A vendor-agnostic connectivity system that allowed the team to connect multiple assets and aggregate data in a single platform with no-code requirements.

A system that is scaling to meet the needs and demands of adjacent teams aggregating and analysing operational data from assets across the facility.
Real-time visibility of operational metrological data for their water facility.

Real-time alerting and monitoring rules including proactive alerts and reporting.


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