Real-time Cloud Connectivity for Large Scale Solar Infrastructure

Major UK Organisation

60 Second Sample Rate

2 Week Deployment

One of the largest private multi-panel solar estates in the UK approached Hark to assist with the continued connectivity of their distributed energy assets across their UK wide estate.

The company came to Hark for a number of industrial IoT connectivity initiatives with the aim to simplify and streamline cloud connectivity of different types of assets.

A key asset type was their extensive array of solar inverters. With over 1600 in total across their estate, accessing real-time health and energy performance data became paramount for managing, maintaining, and offering ancillary services based on the data generated by the devices.

solar panels

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Enabling real-time inverter connectivity

Through an extensible architecture

“Solar inverters historically can be a challenge to cost-effectively connect to and optimise, given the type of asset they are. As the world moves to a data-driven economy, setting up the foundations to enable new innovation, revenue streams and applications is the key to success.”
Mike Jeffs
CCO - Hark

A Layer of Security

Safety in data encryption

Simplified and Extensible Connectivity, Data Aggregation and Cloud Integrations

What That Means For an Enterprise Client 

Key Business Drivers

There were several key business priorities driving the initiative

“Simplifying cloud connectivity for industrial assets is paramount for our organisations and teams to enable the net-zero transition. This provides a secure, future-proofed foundation.”
Jordan Appleson
CEO - Hark

The Results

What were the lasting results of working together with a UK enterprise to implement device connectivity for their solar assets?

Deployment and connectivity delivered in 2-weeks

By utilising existing cloud technologies available through the Hark and Microsoft Azure. The technology teams had a system they could use within 2-weeks, saving time and development costs.

Reduced requirement to purchase unnecessary replacement hardware

Our client now has insights on where an asset is in its lifecycle and whether it truly needs replacing.

Real-time data used to power AI and Machine Learning models for intelligent forecasting

Access to real-time data has meant our client is now able to closely maintain all of their assets.

Customisable Analytics and Dashboards built-in

Out of the box modules from the Hark Platform powered real-time alerting, reporting and custom dashboards to existing teams within the same time-frame of the deployment

Deployment of future-proofed technology stack for monitoring and asset control

Our technology provided the client with a constantly updating and improving software which allowed them to layer on further assets such as metrological monitoring and energy storage systems.

Data & Engineering teams now having API’s and data feed access to optimise further

With the right data, these teams are empowered to fully access and build on top of the device connectivity platform – this enabled tablet applications, workforce management integrations and more.

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