Connecting 20,000 Energy Sub-meters to The Hark Platform for Real-time Insights

Major UK Organisation

£10,800 saved call outs

Like all large facilities, this one  consumed energy with a range of power drawing assets such as Refrigeration Plants, HVAC Systems, Bakery Ovens, Lighting and more.

Previously, data visibility was limited to 24 hours after its collection. The organisation understood that faster, more granular data could be used to drive efficiency and reduce costs through faster response, enabling more specialised control in the future.

With the move towards net-zero approaching, more advanced control of assets for smart grid and smart building applications is required. This means there is a need for better connectivity and insight into existing systems…

industrial energy meter

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Simplified nationwide deployment and connectivity

Through automated tools
Hark Energy Submetering Connectivity Case Study
“The transformative work we’ve been able to do for such a big enterprise speaks volumes to the dedication of the team and the revolutionary technology we’re implementing. The impact this has had is saving our client millions of pounds and massively reducing their carbon footprint.”
Mike Jeffs
CCO - Hark

A Layer of Security

Safety in data encryption
estate for large organisation

Scalability, Data Aggregation and Cloud Integrations

What That Means For an Enterprise Client 

Visibility and Self-Service Dashboards

A saving of over £1m
"We’re extremely excited to be working with a UK household name and to see the tangible benefits the Hark Platform can provide to the company."
Jordan Appleson
CEO - Hark

The Results

What were the lasting results of working together with a UK enterprise to implement smart IoT technology into their entire estate?

Significant cost savings through energy insight.

By accessing energy insights, our client was able to vastly reduce wasted energy and maximise efficiency 💡 

Real-time access to energy insight from existing assets on-site.

Real-time data used to power AI and Machine Learning models for intelligent monitoring and control 🔎

Deployment of future-proofed technology stack for monitoring and asset control.

Our technology provided the client with a constantly updating and improving software 📈

Reduced requirement to purchase unnecessary replacement hardware.

Our client now has insights on where an asset is in its lifecycle and whether it truly needs replacing 🔧 

Installation and configuration time cut by 50%.

Call out time and installation times reduced, saving our client heaps of valuable time and money 💰 

Data & Engineering teams now having API’s and data feed access to optimise further.

With the right data, these teams are empowered to fully optimise their estate – saving not only time and money, but also reducing carbon emissions 🙌

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