CNG Energy chooses Hark for revolutionary energy analytics

Multi-award-winning commercial energy supplier CNG has chosen Hark to innovate their energy monitoring in order to provide instant access to consumption data and insight.
CNG partner with Hark for Energy Analytics

Harrogate based CNG Energy who currently supplies over 50,000 business in the UK, are using our brand-new Advanced Meter Readings (AMR) tool to explore data analytics solutions for their customers, along with providing customers insight into energy consumption to help them better understand usage. Our new tool will enable them to highlight patterns of use and generate predictions. 

CNG were initially impressed with the incredible speed at which our state-of-the-art tool processes existing advanced meter readings. 

Chris Henderson, Data Analytics Delivery Manager at CNG stated that:

“The Hark software is really impressive in terms of displaying and analysing energy data. The energy tools functionality is really clean and easy to use, and the energy management solution is going to be key to exploring the opportunity to unlocking control and greater understanding for our customers. It will also enable us to learn more about how CNG can better understand energy usage and efficiency to support our customers.” 

We know we’re in good hands, the team at Hark have worked around the clock to ensure every expectation has been met.” 

Jordan Appleson, CEO at Hark said;

We’re delighted to welcome CNG into the Hark world and we’re really excited about the journey we have planned with them. Hark’s energy analytics offering has been designed to help revolutionise what is still seen as a traditional industry, with customer focused insight and consumption data that will give them the power to understand their energy usage.

CNG partner with Hark for Energy Analytics

We have been busy during lockdown, onboarding new staff remotely, in both our software engineering and UI/UX team, who will be continuing their work on our cutting-edge software feature development. 

If you would like to learn more about our energy analytics and forecasting solution, please contact our team for a free demo.

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