Composing Code: Connecting the Dots Between Two Contrasting Talents

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Lucy Woodhead - Hark

The Hark team is growing from strength to strength, and we’d like to introduce you to Lucy Woodhead, our new Junior Software Developer!

Lucy’s role as a Hark engineer is maintaining and developing the features on the Hark Platform and assisting in gathering customer requirements.
After graduating from university with a music degree, Lucy soon realised that her ability to read music could kick start a career for her in the tech sector. We noticed that with her vast array of skills, Lucy would soon be able to solve real-world problems! What makes it even better is that with Hark there are always fresh opportunities to learn new things.

Lucy completed the Leeds City Council graduate program, specialising in Digital Access Projects, where she worked on User Experience and analysing online customer behaviour. She then became a Web Services Officer, focusing on SEO and online development for the Housing and Environment sectors, all before working at Heineken UK, where she collaborated with retailers to improve their eCommerce sites.

She has continuously worked in digital teams but has always been curious about the awesome work the dev teams produce, so after a few years, she pursued this interest by going through the Northcoders Bootcamp. In a short space of 3 months, Lucy picked up a variety of new skills and we can’t wait to see how she utilises these in her new role.

The Hark team have really enjoyed hearing about Lucy’s recent adventures to South East Asia, South America, and the work she did in Costa Rica!

“I’m super excited about joining Hark and I am looking forward to seeing the company grow across many industries, as well as gaining experience in all areas of the business and growing my skill set as a software engineer!”

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Andrew Hathaway
Andrew Hathaway

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