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At the Edge of The Retail Industry

IoT has already proven itself extremely beneficial in the retail sector across multiple applications from delivering efficiency in energy consumption to monitoring stock levels in real-time.

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Retail Energy

The True Running Cost of a Supermarket

Considering the nature of their business, supermarkets need to have large-sized facilities in order to stock their full range of products, alongside industrial refrigeration equipment to host fresh and frozen goods…

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Angus at Hark

Analysing with Angus

Our newest addition to the team is Angus Doherty, who will be working as a Data Scientist. Angus will be responsible for developing a report

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Energy Efficiency Through Power Factor

Typically, in an attempt to cut down our personal energy bills, we’ll try to make sure we turn the lights and other devices off when they’re not being used, insulate our houses, reduce draught or buy more energy efficient devices…

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